The Centre for Services in Restorative Justice (CSJR) accompany people affected by an act of violence or a criminal offence who wish to engage in a restorative process based on encounter, sharing and dialogue. It makes the community aware of the inclusive approach to restorative justice for social peace.

Restorative justice is a process of dialogue and sharing of experiences in a group setting that allows people affected by violence (victims, offenders, community members) to find ways of repairing the harm done. It thus promotes the healing of the social bond that was broken due to the events experienced.

This philosophy relies on the conviction that human beings are capable of recovering from any difficulty, getting back on their feet and healing themselves. It also relies on the idea that justice can be carried out in a way that is more humane and community-based.

Restorative justice is concerned both with offenders ― to help them gain awareness of the impact of their actions on people and society ― and victims ― to help them free themselves from the destructive emotions and beliefs induced by that criminal act. Viewing justice this way has an important impact on the community because it strengthens the social fabric through empowerment and mutual understanding.

The CSJR brings together people who committed a crime and people suffering the consequences of a similar one, alongside members of the community for them to discuss and together repair what those crimes have broken. Its services are offered in Québec, essentially in the Greater Montreal Area. But they are also being developed in the Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Centre-du-Québec and Lanaudière regions.

More information on the Victims-Offenders Encounters (VOE).

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