The Strength of Our Indigenous Voices

The Strength of Our Indigenous Voices is a 3 days residential workshop that involves sharing, creating and expressing oneself. The workshop encourage an open dialogue in an understanding and respectful environment that will contribute to a restorative and healing process. We bring together Indigenous women who have been victims of violence or criminal acts. Two non-Indigenous women also join the group to encourage inclusion and reparation.

Developed by the Centre for Services in Restorative Justice (CSJR), this healing program  encourages women to explore the healing power that can be found in sharing circles, creativity, movement, support groups, and the importance of the relationship with nature.

Life stories are at the centre of the activities going on over the weekend. The objective is to encourage women to share their own experiences, transform them and develop useful tools for better healing. The workshop supports the process of empowerment and ownership of one’s story. It aims at being an active participant to support individual and collective changes. 

“The Strength of Our Indigenous Voices” workshops are offered twice a year. We are thankful for the support from the First Nations and Inuit Health, Indigenous Services Canada, Government of Canada and individual donors. Each year, we work alongside indigenous organizations to organize this workshop.

You will find a collection of videos depicting previous workshop activities and testimonies from prior years (French only).

No cost is required for participation, including accommodation and meals. Costs for group transportation may also be covered. This workshop is offered thanks to the support from the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch/Indigenous Services Canada/Government of Canada.

If your community is interested in this service, please contact us at

See the videos ans testimonies (in French) on this page.

If you wish to make a financial contribution towards this initiative to allow more indigenous women to participate in “The Strength of Our Indigenous Voices” workshop, you can donate on this website.

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