Discover the directory of restorative justice resources by Justice Canada.

CSJR is a member of the following organizations and networks:

Organizations that help people who have been victims of crime and those around them:

  • AFPAD – Association des familles de personnes assassinées ou disparues
  • Shield of Athena – Services for women victims of family violence and their children as well as members of ethnocultural communities
  • CALACS – Centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel
  • CAVAC – Crime Victims Assistance Centre
  • Centre des femmes de Rosemont – support group for women victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • CPAMAPC – Montreal Assault Prevention Centre
  • CPIVAS – Centre de prévention et d’intervention pour victimes d’agression sexuelle
  • CRIPHASE – Centre de ressources et d’intervention pour hommes abusés sexuellement dans leur enfance
  • EMPHASE  – Entraide Mauricie-Centre Québec Pour Hommes Agressés Sexuellement dans l’Enfance
  • Kidpower – self-defense classes
  • La Traversée – Centre for women and children of the South shore of Montreal victims of sexual assault
  • Traumatys – Services specialized in trauma work
  • Trêve pour elles – Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
  • Un toit pour se reconstruire – Housing centre for victims of sexual assault 
  • VASAM – Victimes d’agressions sexuelles au masculin 

Organizations that help people who have committed a crime and those around them:

  • L’ANCRE – Community chaplin (Granby)
  • Centre des femmes de Rosemont – support group for women with violent behaviour
  • CFAD – Continuité Famille auprès des détenues
  • CIVAS – Centre d’intervention en violence et en agressions sexuelles
  • Communitas – Communitas works to facilitate successful reintegration of those returning from prison
  • Corporation Jean Paul Morin – social reintegration for federal inmates and their families 
  • Corporation Maison Charlemagne – family mediation between sexual abusers and their relatives
  • COSA – Circles of support and accountability
  • Diogène – Accompaniment and follow-up in the community with people living with a mental health problem associated with legal difficulties and/or homelessness.
  • Groupe Amorce – Self-help and therapy group for men with deviant sexual fantasies and behaviors towards minors
  • Maison Jeun’Aide – Housing and progressive reintegration of federal inmates
  • Parents-Unis – Against sexual violence on children
  • Relais-Famille – for relatives of inmates
  • Sexaholic Anonymous
  • Société Élizabeth Fry – support for women prisoners and ex-prisoners
  • John Howard Society of Québec – support individuals involved in the criminal justice system
  • YMCA – Espadrille – Social reintegration service
  • Ça suffit – Support services to reduce emotional suffering associated with sexual fantasies towards minors.

Other organizations and networks: 

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