Volunteer Work

Join the active volunteers who make the CSJR work. French needed.

Your help is priceless and we would be delighted to count you among us! Friendliness and efficacy are guaranteed!

Wanted skills:

  • Logistics: The CSJR puts together a yearly art exhibition presenting artworks created by victims of criminal acts. We form a committee every year bringing together people with skills in logistics and communication.
  • Counseling, Mediation and Coordination: We also organize art-therapy sessions and victim-offender encounters (VOE) all year round. Volunteer facilitators ― recruited on the basis of their calm and positive behavior ― are usually competent in art-therapy, group coordination or counseling. A formation specific to the CSJR is required for VOEs.
  • Training: If your area of professional specialization relates to our mission (criminology, psychology, counseling, group dynamics, etc.), you can offer seminars to our facilitators or future facilitators.
  • Funding: A permanent committee is in charge of finding ways to get funding for the CSJR and of producing grant requests. This allows us to maintain services free of charge and to develop new services.
  • Promotion: Having people distribute our pamphlets and posters in a diversity of social environments and institutions is always useful.
  • Communication and Public Relations (occasional needs): Graphic design, translation, photography, video, etc.
  • Studies and Research: A few people look for websites, read various publications or watch movies that can be helpful for members and organizers of the CSJR. Some of that information can also be made publicly available via our website and/or our Facebook account.
  • Development of New Services: You can also join us in our reflection on how to develop new services in restorative justice. A “transformative encounters” committee presently exists. This entails making market studies (needs / existing offer) and of developing programs with competent people.
  • IT or Accounting (occasional needs)

Looking forward to working with you!

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