Victim-Offender Encounters

The CSJR has been organizing victim-offender encounters (VOE) for over ten years both in prison environment and in communities of the Greater Montreal Area.

They bring together people who have committed and people who have suffered similar crimes as well as members of the community. They represent society, which can in turn be a victim and an accomplice of the crime.

VOEs can proceed in groups (approximately ten people) over a period of seven weeks or they can take the form of shorter face-to-face encounters over a period of three weeks. These meetings are led and monitored by two volunteer facilitators, one man and one woman, chosen for their interpersonal and professional merits.

In order to participate, please contact the CSJR’s coordinator for a first individual meeting. Services are offered free of charge.

Our central objective is to create an open space for communication where victims and offenders can meet and express themselves freely, and begin to discuss and repair the consequences of crime.

Noticeable effects:

  • Gain awareness of the crime’s impact
  • Lessening of destructive emotional impact
  • Mutual understanding of opposite parties and overcoming of prejudices

You can read a few witness reports on this website.

For more information please consult the FAQ section.

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