Financial Partners

The Centre for Services in Restorative Justice is a non-profit organization with a charity status, which allows us to issue donation receipts for tax purposes.

Our charity ID number: 85580 0736 RR0001

Our Canada Revenue Agency ID number: 1888 892 566

Our finances are broken down as follows: 

  • 40% is provided by fundraising and private donors (religious organizations, Brian Bronfman Foundation, individuals, etc.)
  • 60% is provided by various grants 

The Bureau d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels (BAVAC) of the Ministry of Justice of Quebec finances the entirety of regional development of CSJR, more specifically the salary of our Regional Development Officer

Become a corporate financial partner in one of our events by contacting us.

Donations by individuals are also encouraged as a one-time donation or by becoming a member.

Thank you so much for supporting us!

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