CSJR Locations

CSJR answers to the demand of specific areas of the province of Quebec by establishing local implementation committees which gather people and organizations desiring to offer the services provided by CSJR. Notably, our Victim-Offender Encounters are made available in the respect of policies and procedures promoted by the CSJR.

These local committees can include: 

  • members of organizations that work with individuals who have been victims of crimes
  • members of organizations in the field of social rehabilitation
  • workers in penitentiary institutions 
  • university students
  • any individuals desiring to get involved in the restorative justice field
  • a representant of the CSJR will be present at meetings

The tasks of the local committees include:

  • Raising the awareness of restorative justice services among workers of organizations and institutions working with individuals who are victims of crimes and working with individuals who have committed crimes, either current or past prisoners.
  • Identify resourceful individuals to mediate the restorative justice encounters and to participate as members of the society
  • Organize restorative justice encounters by using the logistical tools given to the committee by CSJR
  • Promoting restorative justice and the services of CSJR

For more information, contact Guyline Martel, Regional Development Officer of CSJR at 514-742-6631, or 1-833-320-257 toll-free, or guylainemartel@csjr.org

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