The Team

The CSJR’s Coordinator

Estelle Drouvin

Estelle Drouvin has a Master of Law specialized in human rights issues. She was delighted to discover restorative justice when she moved to Québec in 2005. After having spent 10 years in the struggle against inhumane treatment and torture, and 4 years working for peace and non-violence, she agreed to take the position as Coordinator for the Centre for Services in Restorative Justice at the end of 2009. She is now pleased to dedicate her efforts to promoting an innovative approach with great promise for the future.

Regional Development Officer

Guylaine Martel

As a social facilitator with varied experience who has worked with victims of sexual abuse, Guylaine first joined our team as a facilitator for face-to-face sessions. In September 2016, she moved on to become a development officer, promoting, developing and offering support to Restorative Justice Services in several regions of Quebec.

Awareness Officer

Mathieu Lavigne

Mathieu has a degree in History with Université de Montreal. He was in charge of the publications of the Centre Culturel Chrétien de Montréal, 10 books by Fides Publishers. He was also a regular collaborator with Présence Magasine and Aujourd’hui Credo. He can be heard on Radio VM as a host of Foi et Turbulences, Vie Religieuse, Aujourd’hui et Demain and Faire Justice Autrement, the latter co-produced by the CSJR, for which he is an awareness officer, made possible by a grant from the Fondation Béati.

Project manager

Annick Lavogiez

With a Master in French language and Literature, Annick has worked as Project Coordinator for the Quebec Federation of Autism for several years. She started volunteering for the CSJR by participating in a Victim-Offender group as a community member, then organised events. Since july 2019 and while studying Social Work, Annick is working two days a week for the CSJR, mainly on activities during the Peace Month, the Social Rehabilitation Week, the Restorative Justice week and the Victims and Survivors Crime Week.

Project manager

Marie-Claure Barbeau-Leduc

Marie-Claude has a Bachelor and a Master degree in criminology. She started her career with mental health clients at the Institut national de psychiatrie légale Philippe-Pinel. Then, an intervention work in a respite and sobering-up center for homeless people led to her appointment as coordinator of clinical care. Following her keen interest for indigenous issues, in 2015 she joins the project « Towards an atikamekw justice model». This collaborative research aimed to strengthen, develop and support atikamekw methods of conflict resolution and to ensure their recognition by the Quebec government. Since then, her path with Médiation sans frontière allowed her to encourage self-determination of indigenous communities in justice matters and to specialized on their experience in situations of violence. She is now part of the CSJR team, as project manager of “The Power of Our Indigenous Voices” Workshops. She works two days a week thanks to First Nations and Inuit Health Branch.

Members of the Board of Directors

Raoul Lincourt, President

raoul_lincourt_v2A consultant in the development of non-profit organizations with extensive training in group facilitation, Raoul Lincourt has been involved with the CSJR since its inception in 2001. For many years, he has been a moderator for victim-offender encounters (VOE), both in group and face-to-face sessions, in the hope that he can help people “free themselves from their suffering.” In 2011, he received a nomination for the Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award (Canada) and was awarded the “volunteer for peace” honorary title by YMCA-Québec.

Yves Gilbert, Treasurer

An experienced administrator in community organizations and former president of the Fédération des scouts du Québec, Yves Gilbert became a member of the CSJR’s Board of Directors in November of 2009, an involvement that is in keeping with his previous commitments and personal convictions.

Marie-Stéphane Rainville, Secretary

As a speech therapist and as a person who has benefited from our services, Marie-Stéphane says that the mission of the CSJR, which she describes as a way to create bridges and to make communication more open, has touched her. To her, finding words to describe one’s experience, breaking silence, redefining perceptions and listening to the other person’s suffering help one to find oneself again, to heal and to understand.

Cindy Lapointe, Vice-President

Cindy Lapointe (M.Sc. Criminology, B.Sc. Psychology) first worked in research (Study on Street Youth and Longitudinal Study on Desistance from Criminal Activity), and then as a Parole Officer for Correctional Services Canada within a correctional facility. Since 2003, she has successively held the posts of Psychosocial Advocate, Head of Service and Service Director at the Crime Victims Assistance Centre (CAVAC) in Montreal. It is within the framework of her work at CAVAC that she has been able to develop an expertise related to intervention with victims of crime, which continues to be her main field of interest.

Laurent Champagne

laurent_champagne_v2Educated in theology with a major in morals and spiritual counselling, Laurent Champagne currently works in a reintegration program for former inmates of the Correctional Service of Canada in the Greater Montreal area by showing the benefits of restorative justice for personal growth. As coordinator of the Community Chaplaincy of Montreal, he co-organizes events for the Restorative Justice Week as well as the Victims of Crime Awareness Week.

William Henriques

Lawyer with a degree in management and sustainable development, is about to complete a Master’s in law in a specialized ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) program. His involvement with various non-profit organisations since his youth demonstrates his will to make this world a better place. After dedicating his first 5 years of legal practice within the Legal Aid Office of Montreal defending marginalized people and those with mental health difficulties, he is now interested in resolving conflicts without requiring recourse to the legal system. Now mediator and passionate about other strategies of such, he came across the CSJR by participating in a Victim-Offender group as a community member. Beyond convinced of the value and soundness of restorative justice, he is eager to join and to be part of our dynamic team!

Celine Savard

Cultural facilitator for children with leukaemia and cancer, actress, and improv artist, Céline Savard worked in the arts sector until 1995. In 2004, she participated in a series of meetings between inmates and victims marking the beginning of her involvement with CSJR. Visual artist for over 20 years, she had the opportunity to participate in multiple exhibits, including a retrospective of her work in 2017, offered by the CSJR. For two years, she has been giving visual art workshops in prison environments. Art and restorative justice are processes of resilience the artist shares with the community.

Tania Tretiak

Lawyer, Senior Legal Counsel for the Pfizer.

Person in Charge of Our Facebook Page

Katheleen Landry

Trained as a graphic designer, Katheleen Landry worked with bereaved families.  She discovered the power of convict-victim encounters while volunteering in a guided meditation activity in a detention center. She was amazed by the positive impacts of the method on the convicts as well as the sense of “restorative justice” that she felt in herself during the encounters. Now living in France, she manages our facebook page as a volunteer.

We also want to thank all our Restorative Justice facilitators for 2018 :  Raoul Lincourt, Estelle Martine, Emilie, Line Bernier, Claire Messier, Michel Valade, Luc Genest, Denise Voisard, Marie Brion, Samuel Coté, Alain Ferron, Chantal Lachance, Guy Gravel and Sean Gardner.

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