Restorative Justice Week

The 3rd week of November is dedicated to restorative justice in Canada. The CSJR is pleased to associate with its partners ― notably, the Church Council on Justice and Corrections ― in order to promote restorative justice on that occasion. Each year, activities that aim at raising awareness regarding restorative justice take place universities, schools, prisons, churches, and other such organizations and non-profits.

If you are interested in organizing an event for the Restorative Justice Week, please contact the CSJR’s coordinator.

A few pictures of the last event that was organized for the Restorative Justice Week, with the Ollin Theatre Company Transformation-Play Back. The company improvised a theatre performance based on stories shared by the audience (approximately 120 people including detainees, ex-detainees, victims of criminal acts and members of the community).

The National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award is also presented during that week. In the past, many of CSJR’s volunteer facilitators and administrators have received a certificate of gratitude from this organization for their dedication to restorative justice.

  • 2011: Raoul Lincourt
  • 2010: Claire Messier and Brian McDonough
  • 2008: David Shantz and Laurent Champagne
  • 2004: Thérèse de Villette

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